100 Academy Foundation Board Members



The mission of the 100 Academy Foundation (100AF) is to support the Imagine 100 Academy of 
Excellence in providing a challenging and enriching educational experience that maximizes the 
learning potential of every student and prepares them to succeed.  

We accomplish this by:

• Engaging the community in fundraising through mobilizing broad community support 
for the Imagine 100 Academy Of Excellence
• Supporting learning initiatives
• Encouraging teacher retention, innovation, recognition and teaching excellence
• Responding to emerging educational needs
• Fostering collaborative projects with community partners
• Fostering an environment of Excellence

 The 100 Academy Foundation is composed of a collection of community volunteers committed to the shared vision of providing ongoing support for expanded educational opportunities for the students in the communities we serve.  We will develop a stable and ongoing financial base 
through fund raising, grants, and development of endowment and planned giving programs.
The expenditure of these funds is for educational opportunities not provided through traditional 
funding. Distributions made will meet the highest educational priorities and impact the greatest 
number of students. These funds assist our educators in fueling the desire to teach as well as for learning that contributes to the success of all our children.